Application for Make it work – TEDxMagdeburg Event 2020 – Step 1 – Notes for Speakers

Only a few steps until your application. We are already looking forward to hearing from you.

In case you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact our coordinator for speaker coaching.

Deine Ansprechpartnerin Giulia

Giulia Barile


Please take a few minutes to read the following notes about the application.


In terms of subject there are no limitations. Talks can be held on scientific, social, political, economic, religious or other topics.


We are a local group of TEDx but at the same time cosmopolitan. You may present in German or English.


During the talk questions or interactions with the audience are not permitted. The breaks during the event are ideal for discussions and queries.


Your talk will be recorded as a video and published on the official TED website. The video will be subtitled in English and German.


According to TED’s guidelines speakers are not allowed to receive any payment. Speakers may present their work in the lobby of TEDxMagdeburg.


All TEDxMagdeburg speakers will receive coaching on their way to the Talk & Event. We will support you in developing your leitmotif for the lecture and help you with your stage performance.


In addition to a coach assigned to you, there are also joint speaker days. This supporting process is obligatory for all speakers.

Application video

With a personal video from you we like to get a first impression of you as an individual. And this should be simple and uncomplicated for you. We recommend to record your video with a smartphone. Maybe even friends or familiy can assist you with it.
What should you share with us? It’s simple:

  • Introduce yourself with your name
  • Tell us about your occupation (study, work)
  • Talk about a topic that recently moved you. Pick something, that is easy for you to talk about. It is your choice whether this is a political, social, scientific or private topic.

Please restrict the lenght of your video to about 90 seconds. Make sure the size of your video is 100 MB max.

Did you read everything? Great, let’s go!