The abbreviation TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. Starting in 1984 as a multi-day conference in California, TED is now a global organization that wants to share ideas and innovations with the world. The original conference still exists today and has been expanded to include numerous events. The variety of topics has also increased and includes, for example, science, society, culture, philosophy, health, economics or religion. Some of the world’s best lectures can be viewed free of charge on the Internet at All of this is under the motto “ideas worth spreading”. Personalities such as Microsoft founder Bill Gates, behavioral scientist Jane Goodall and physicist Stephen Hawking have already given lectures at TED events.


TEDxMagdeburg has become a member of TED’s global network of phenomenal ideas and innovations and shows its own potential.

The organization of independent talks has been allowed starting in 2009. This creates the opportunity to hold inspiring lectures all over the world under the umbrella of TED. There is a license for this and certain framework conditions to be complied with by TED, such as the integration of local speakers and TED talk videos from past events. The concept aims to create local platforms all over the world in order to attract more people to interesting and inspiring topics. On the TEDx Talks YouTube Channel you can find numerous contributions from TEDx events from all over the world, which have been viewed over 2 billion times.

„x“ stands for „independently organized event“

TEDx took place for the third time in Magdeburg on November 17th, 2019 under the motto “A future worth building – for a future worth living in”. There are also many topics, innovations and personal insights here that are worth bringing to the public. The aim is to give speakers with remarkable ideas and visions a voice and to inspire people from their immediate surroundings, but also from around the world. Ideally, the listeners internalize the topics presented and carry them out into the region and the world in order to change them for the better.

TEDxMagdeburg is hoping for viewers who are interested in exactly this format. After the event there is the opportunity to exchange ideas with the speakers. This creates a basis for exciting conversations and discussions. TED has licensed this independent event and gives Magdeburg the chance to show its potential.