Drum roll, please… Here comes a pre-Christmas gift for you: our talks are online!We are happy to finally share them with you and will introduce them to you one by one!

Prof. Dr. Graham Horton gave a fascinating, humorous and inspiring talk about a question that concerns many people greatly: how to create unique and valuable ideas?

How often do you hear yourself saying „Well, one needs to be very creative to do this or that and I’m just not.“? Probably way too often, because it’s just not true! Everybody can have great ideas! – says Prof. Dr. Graham Horton and explains how to be creative by being completely “uncreative”. What is often perceived by us as a result of visionary and talented minds only, is actually a skill of everyone.

Take a look and discover your creativity! Watch here: How to have great ideas |Prof. Dr. Graham Horton | TEDxMagdeburg .

Photo by: Julia Kissmann