It finally happened: the first TEDxMagdeburg conference took place on 5th of November 2017 at the Schauspielhaus Magdeburg and we have to point out proudly: it was an absolute success! We welcomed around 130 Guests and sponsors to attend the eight talks on „Minds Without Borders“.

Already one and a half hours before the event’s beginning our speakers arrived at the Schauspielhaus in order to make themselves familiar with the stage, go through one or the other passage of the presentation and psych themselves up in the first place. Some more nervous than others but all equally excited since they were looking forward to this very event just as much as we did. On top of it was their greatest challenge: to transfer the main idea to the audience during giving a talk of a maximum of just 18 minutes. Finally, the big moment, that we’ve been working for over 10 months, has come. The speakers entered the stage one after another and fascinated the audience with a multifarious journey through their minds. The result was outstanding: on a red carpet in the spotlight, standing alone just in the middle of the stage and in front of over one hundred guests, the speakers presented their constructive and moving talks and almost magically spread boundless motivation and inspiration. Moreover, the entire event got a warm-hearted and charming character due to the moderation of Dominik Frisch and Eric Fischer, who welcomed the audience and guided it through the event’s program. There was also a short but striking performance by the name „die Standwandler“ (the city walkers) of the Magdeburg Bürger Ensemble between the talks, which was indubitably a unique experience and brilliant artwork!

Between the two talk sessions, everyone had the opportunity to exchange their newly gained impressions and suggestions, as well as to talk to the speakers personally and deepen the talk’s topics over a cup of tea. After the last talk titled “Time does not matter: the benefit of possible journeys into impossible worlds” by Stefan Hammel was given, we invited all our guests, after a warm goodbye on stage, to converse and linger over a dinner at the launch of the Magdeburger Schauspielhaus. In this way, everyone present, who contributed to this remarkable evening, had the opportunity to bring it to an end collectively and to enjoy the extraordinary atmosphere one last time.

To make this event even better for all participants, we have sent feedback sheets to all guests of TEDxMagdeburg 2017 and are already looking forward to your opinion, criticism, and suggestions!

In fact, we do sincerely hope to be able to implement that very atmosphere again and to give a stage to TEDxMagdeburg one more time next year. For all those who didn’t have a chance to get any tickets this year or were otherwise prevented: do not worry, because we will make all talks available online as soon as possible. And who knows, maybe we’ll see you next year?

The implementation of this and every futurity TEDxMagdeburg event requires a whole bunch of support. Which for we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our sponsors, who enabled us to initiate TEDxMagdeburg!

At this point also a deepest thank you to all our guests at the first TEDxMagdeburg! We, as the organizing team of TEDxMagdeburg, are truly happy about bringing this format to the city of Magdeburg and finding so much enthusiasm!

See you next time! Then let’s be honest: can you ever have enough of „Ideas worth spreading“?

TEDx-Talk Hannes Tegelbeckers “Reading, writing, algorithms: How the Raspberry Pi tackles the problem of the digital transformation.” (© Photo by Tobias Meinhold)