Oh Merry Christmas!

Many of us associate Christmas with a great time with family, friends and a reflective moment of happiness. We exchange gifts with our loved ones and are happy to make them happy. But what if you are unable to be loved? If you classify yourself as worthless day by day. When a veil suddenly turns the world gray and you think you’re just a burden to your family and friends anyway?

It all happens when you are struggling with depression. In one of our TEDxTalks Martha Wienke talked about her experience with depression and how talking about it helps her and her surroundings to deal better with the disease.

Christmas is the time of being together and for that reason, we should pay attention to our loved ones and learn how to recognize certain symptoms in time and to help them out of this trap. Take a look at Martha’s TEDxTalk here.

Photo by: Tobias Meinhold