Our Team

Alex Heinrich
Project Management

“TED fascinates me with limitless ideas, amazing technologies, outstanding artists and the strong diversity of a worldwide community. I’m organizing TEDxMagdeburg, because we have exciting things to contribute in these areas as well.”

Julia Kissmann
Public Relations

“Personally, I like TED in first place for giving people a stage and a voice. This gives you the opportunity to bring people together and to achieve something jointly in a unique way. The chance to realize that in Magdeburg is just great.”

Karsten Dietrich
Public Relations

“In my opinion, the TED-Talks deliver small and big visions for a better social coexistence and for an advanced world. I am convinced of TED’s concept and I hope that we will affect people here in Magdeburg due to that .”

Martin Deutscher
Public Relations

“Those who listen carefully will quickly notice that TEDx is telling stories from life, writing them at the same time.  For me, it is a matter of heart to work actively on the historiography of Magdeburg and to bring together highly interesting people and topics.”

Samuel Weber
Financial Planning

“In my view, being part of organizing TEDx in Magdeburg is a step towards turning the city into a place full of inspiration and innovation. For me personally and for the people around me.”

Ahmad Isham Elnazer
Financial Planning

“When I first heard that TEDx will take place in Magdeburg, I was very excited because, for me, TEDx is a great way to gather new experiences and ideas and to meet lots of new people – it’s an honor to participate in a global event with such a valuable meaning and impact on people and community. “

Jonas Hartung
Financial Planning

“In my view, TEDx is a big window that provides authentic insights into foreign worlds. This is essential for the understanding of the world and of the people living inside her. It’s making the foreign tangible, so we can transform it into something known and benefit from it. TEDxMagdeburg is a refreshing format that has been created through these insights and passes them through every single TEDx-Talk. For me, it’s great to carry that movement further.”

Eric Fischer
Speakers Assistance

“Knowledge and ideas are some of the few things that become more when shared. I imagine that as contagious health and I want to help contaminate.”

Dominik Frisch
Speakers Assistance

“Great movements always arise because of many people being aware of them. That’s why I love to learn and see how ideas spread and multiply. Ideas need people who enthuse others and are enthusiastic about them themselves. TEDx provides us a format which allows to implement that locally and reach people around the world at the same time. I do take part in making ideas accessible to the world with pleasure.”

Elisa Georgi
Speakers Assistance

“For me, TED is the stage on which everyone can have a voice. I am glad to be part of this idea since due to our work we do not only create new opportunities for networking and exchange but actively advocate for a tolerant and open-minded interaction here and everywhere. “

Joy Weiß
Speakers Assistance

“The concept of TEDx is very exciting for me. It gives common people just by telling what motivates them an opportunity to encourage and inspire others and make them think. That it grew to a worldwide platform by today shows how much honest excitement can achieve.”

Tobias Weiner
Technical Organization

“I love it to experience new quality ideas, to be inspired by them and to improve the world. Due to TEDxMagdeburg I’ve got the opportunity to participate in that diffusion process of ideas.”

Clara Bartel
Event Planning/ Logistics

“Giving speakers a platform for their wealth of ideas, to share it with the world and to bring together the most diverse people, who might not correlate otherwise – that’s TED for me and the world needs more of that!”

Thanh Ha Nguyen
Event Planning/ Logistics

“TED is an absolutely fascinating format: in the beginning, there is a stranger entering the stage, but after he leaves a few minutes later, he not only leaves an impression behind but also new ideas and inspirations, from which we benefit for the future and carry them on through the TED community. It’s a unique network and I’m excited to be part of it.”

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