Your idea worth spreading

  • Do you have an idea that should receive social attention?
  • Do you have a message or experience you want to share with others?
  • Do you know a person who should be heard?
  • Would you like to present a discovery?
  • Is there an innovation the public needs to know about?
  • Do you know of an organisation or person whose commitment should be publicly appreciated?

Foto: Tobias Meinhold

Who could be speaker?

The application phase for TEDxMagdeburg 2019 has started. If you like to be a speaker, simply send us information about you and your topic using the form below.

Application form

We would like to get to know you as our possible future speaker. The application process consists of two steps:

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. Record a short introduction video with your smartphone (Further information here)

    General information

    Please share your contact details so we can reach you afterwards.

    Your idea

    You and TEDxMagdeburg

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    Notes for speakers

    • In terms of subject there are no limitations.
      Talks can be held on scientific, social, political, economic, religious or other topics.
    • You may present in German or English.
    • During the talk questions or interactions with the audience are not permitted. The breaks during the event are ideal for discussions and queries.
    • Your talk will be recorded as a video and published on the official TED website. The video will be subtitled in English and German.
    • According to TED’s guidelines speakers are not allowed to receive any payment. Speakers may present their work in the lobby of TEDxMagdeburg.
    • All TEDxMagdeburg speakers will receive coaching on their way to the Talk & Event. We will support you in developing your leitmotif for the lecture and help you with your stage performance. In addition to a coach assigned to you, there are also joint speaker days. This supporting process is obligatory for all speakers.
    • Speakers may apply all year round. We always decide in May for the respective event and then get back to you.

    Our support team is available for all questions regarding the registration of speakers:

     Giulia Barile


    Foto: ted.com

    Human life is inherently creative. It’s why we all have different resumes. It’s why human culture is so interesting and diverse and dynamic.

    Sir Ken Robinson, Dozent und Buchautor, Los Angeles, USA, 2006