TEDxMagdeburg Event under the motto “Each One Teach One”

29 Aug 2018
Martin Deutscher

It’s finally time again!! TEDxMagdeburg goes into a new round. With the motto “Each One Teach One” (EOTO), the second edition of the well-known event will take place again at the Schauspielhaus on October 7, 2018. There, you will have the opportunity to experience inspiring talks of eight speakers from Magdeburg and other regions of Germany. We introduce you to fellow human beings who act selflessly, trust their intuition, create new structures or challenge your beliefs and who want to inspire you and others to become game changers in our society.


The speakers devote their careers to social, scientific and economic topics such as “fair, human and future-oriented education systems”, “the conflict between faith and science” or “the meaningful symbiosis of living, work and education”.


Anyone who wants to broaden their own horizons, enjoy discovering new ways of thinking and feel the “do-gooder” in themselves should definitely visit TEDxMagdeburg. In a relaxed atmosphere and with like-minded people you can immerse yourself in new ideas that inspire you and improve our lives.


But what does EACH ONE TEACH ONE actually mean?


Every person is unique. Everyone has unique experiences, skills and a different perspective on the world. That makes me humble, because: I can learn from everyone and I can honestly admit that I don’t know everything.


Moreover, every human being is dignified and unconditionally worth experiencing education. Since I am unique, I have a responsibility to teach others the things I know.


I don’t have to be afraid of becoming superfluous myself. Because when we learn from each other, something greater can arise. Through mutual inspiration and encouragement, the shared experience also becomes unique and in turn leads to new opportunities and new freedom. In this way, we all benefit in the long term.


We take responsibility. That is why we must learn from each other in order to achieve our goals. Whether this happens depends on our attitude.


At TEDxMagdeburg “Each One Teach One” we look forward to speakers who have internalized this attitude and inspire us to learn more from each other.

Ticket sales will start on 2 September 2018.