One month and two days ago we had our very first TEDxMagdeburg. What a day it’s been!

We had such a great time that it preferably should take place weekly. But as the saying goes: too much of anything is good for nothing. In fact, there is also something positive about the awaiting, curiosity and excitement. So we better stick to one TEDxMagdeburg per year…or maybe not?

It has been over a month now since the last event. The second advent is approaching fast, Christmas Eve is only a few weeks away and soon we will be celebrating new year’s eve and the first day of the new year. Time is running too fast again these days, you may think. But not necessarily: Instead, take your time to reflect upon the past year, remind yourself of the beautiful moments and work towards creating many more wonderful memories in the upcoming year.

That’s exactly what we are doing! We resist the wintry melancholy and diligently plan ahead to spend an even more exciting new year with you. So you have every reason to be curious.😊

Photo by: Julia Kissmann